It's SEVEN weeks 'til Christmas?!

Happy Saturday everyone!
I've recently been searching on Etsy for Christmas gifts. During the day, I work as a receptionist at a hair salon so I'm always counting down the weeks to Christmas. I don't want to scare you but... it's 7... SEVEN... 7 weeks til Christmas. YIKES. Don't freak out though. Hopefully this post will inspire you to create, buy, or plan on your purchases!

Here are some of my favorite items I've been lurking on Etsy.
I think MarmeeCraft's The Little Lacemaker Print is gorgeous! It'd be perfect for that feminine girlfriend of yours. Plus, prints always make good gifts and they're priced great for everyone!

PonderandStitch's Triple strand cuff bracelet. I'm in love with this gal's stuff. Her stuff is so adorable and this cuff is made from a repurposed vintage hankie from Belgium!

Seriously. IHeartNorwegianWood's Long Champagne Fridge Earrings. I'm OBSESSED. Can someone just buy ME these? Haha!

LemonBird's Tomato with Raw Honey and Cinnamon!!! I'm drooling. This is a perfect gift for, say... your significant other's parents? Lemon Bird has so much natural, amazing, and tasty looking food items made from of local items out of California.

For your vintage lover friends... TheVintageCabin's Ship Wall Hanger would make a great "OOOO!" gift.

Good luck in your holiday escapades!

Also, if any of you are Etsy sellers and you're trying to prepare your shop for the holidays...
check out the forum post I made.


  1. I just found your blog and I *LOVE* your hair! :) I'm also now totally freaked out that Christmas is just around the corner! Whoa...so not ready, ya know?

  2. oooooo!!! I'm totally excited to see my cuff up there with that great stuff!! Thank you so much for showing it here- I really appreciate it. :)

  3. Those earrings are probably the best things I've seen in awhile! Also, I cannot believe how close it is to Christmas! It really freaks me out that they have commercials for Black Friday already!