Russian dinner

Yesterday was Anna's mom's birthday and we spent dinner at her home.
If I get really into it, this post will be forever and a day long so I'll just state this fact:
Russian's know how to cook and drink.

Enjoy the eye candy and thank Anna's mom for the beautiful food and party presentation.
Also, check out how foxy my best friend looks in my vintage dress. Ow ow!


  1. Wow, it looks like a whole load of effort went into that. I love the look of the dress too (:

  2. Holy Toledo! YUM! That looks like so much fun.

  3. looks like fun and so delish! and such a cute dress and pair of boots!!!

  4. yeah, we, the russians, know it!))))

  5. What is that stuff with the pomegranate in it? It looks delicious!!! Everything looks pretty, too pretty to eat!

  6. that looks awesome - funny thing i am Anna and am Polish so our plates and tables look very similar :) Yumm i am hungry now