10 Things I Love

Say hello to the brand new look for 10 Things I Love!
Each feature of photos will be posted on Mondays (besides for today).
All the photos are from tumblr. If I notice the source from a direct page, I will post it.
So, saying that, if the photo if mine, I will be sure to mention it!

1) Why wouldn't I love Bob Dylan in a tree? This picture just baffles me and I love it.
2) Everything about this picture is golden.
The furniture, the color of the walls, the door molding, the paintings,
and the wood floor. It's so classic but still retro looking.

3) This gave me some amazing inspiration for a new tattoo!
I wonder what lucky person has that in their home right now, or if it even still exists.

4) Of course, I love the new year. I promise I will post my new year resolutions soon.

5) A. I love vintage Volkswagen caravans.
B. I love the colors in this photo.
C. I want to be able to get away like this.

6) This looks so peaceful and relaxing.

7) I would LOVE, love, love to explore these!

8) Another photo from Mark Michaelson mugshot collection.
Even if she's in the pound, she makes for some great style inspiration.

9) Love me some more style inspiration.

10) Who else just said "OH MY GOD!"?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful bed!
    Thank goodness my sewing machine plugs into the wall! That looks scary. haha!


  2. My boyfriend's van is just like that one in photo #5! It's a show stopper, that's for sure. He won pretty car contests with it and stuff.

  3. Love all this! I love Bob Dylan & old Volkswagens! :)