Welcome 2011

Hello to all my readers! New and old, I'm sure most of you don't know much about me.
Well, let me re-introduce myself to you...

I'm Alexz! I'm on the left. The other brown girls (tee-hee) are my two good friends. You'll see them around here from time to time.

I live in beautiful and historical, Chicago, IL in the United States. Despite it's unbearable cold winters, it's an awesome city that is still growing like crazy.
I'm originally from the northwest suburbs but as I grew older, I craved moving around but ended up moving back here to my home city.

Not only do I run this blog, but I also run a business called Bird Trouble.
It consists of handmade items from yours truly.

Some other random things you should know:

  • I go thrifting, a lot... thus, collecting a lot of random knick knacks.
  • I am obsessed with squirrels.
    • I own a cat named Detective Bacon Cheeseburger.
    • I am, without a doubt, happily with a very creative, handsome, hilarious bearded man.
  • I like to cook and I like to take pictures of my food.
  • I love home design, redecorating, refinishing, and drooling over homes.
    • I love my city but I also constantly get nostalgia of traveling, or getting away.

    I hope you enjoy my blog!
    If you're an old reader, be sure to check out the new blog look.

    I figured since it's a new year, it should be a new look! You'll notice a lot of changes around here starting this week. For the friends I have linked on my blog, I might contact you for a different link image. I'm going to try to get the blog to look more fresh and organized.

    Other than that, I've made some new year resolutions for Bird Trouble (and myself, personally) that I will announce in a few days. For now, I'd love to hear your feedback on the new look!


  1. I'm an "old reader" and I love the new blog look. I think your banner is super adorable.

  2. holy cow. i love those handmade goodies!