New leather pouches in the shop!

I'm excited to introduce you guys to the small family of leather pouches
that were entered into the shop late last night!

I purchased this leather from a garage sale over the summer (where I also purchased my eames chair). The man who sold it to me owns a beautiful home in Logan Square, Chicago with his wife and son. He a professional re upholsterer so naturally, he had a ton of large scraps. I can not stress how much I'm in love with the feel of this leather. It's super soft and it already feels like something I've owned all my life. The golden brown is such a great color for every season and can go with practically anything. Lately, I've been carrying mine around as a clutch.

My collection of buttons and lace have grown immensely so I will be working on a lot of these pouches until I run out of leather. I don't have a TON of it left so they're more of a limited-time-only-edition. I am thinking about incorporating purchased leather in the future once this is out of stock... but for right now, only time can tell.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the five new pouches that are ready to be sent home to you!
A Leather Pouch in vintage and buttons.

A Leather Wristlet in Lace.

A Leather Pouch in buttons.

A Leather Pouch in Buttons.

Also new in the shop. Remember the bags I've been working on? I put those in the shop also.
The Christina.

The Anna.


  1. I love those leather/lace pouches!! Sooo beautiful.

  2. oh gosh, if i wasn't moving in one week and going on a vacation in march that leather wristlet with the doily on it would be mine :) so so so pretty. i featured it on my "a few things i love" blog post today!! www.teacupsandbubblebaths.blogspot.com

  3. I LOVE the first bag! Truly adorable!