This past weekend's find.

As usual, James and I went thrifting this past weekend right outside the city and into the suburbs where I grew up. I love going to the suburbs and I wish I could do it more often (not with these gas prices!) because it always brings back this nostalgia that I can't resist. There's this one antique mall that I've been going to since high school and I ALWAYS find something amazing there.
Of course, I left with something this past weekend that I HAD to have and I HAVE to share it with you guys (because I'm sure my co-workers, my friends, and my boyfriend are all sick of me talking about it).
EMPHASIS ON THE HAD AND HAVE TO. Ok, ok, ok. Drum rolls, please.

BAM!!!!! That sweet faux fur cape. Seriously...... seriously. I saw it on a hanger leaning on a fence/aka. prop and I stopped, felt my heart palpitate a little, and screamed. I made James put it on me because I probably would have screamed more. It was like giving a 5 year old a chocolate covered banana... if they loved chocolate bananas like I do.
There's no brand... making it a huge mystery to me and I keep making up scenarios in my head about the person/people who owned it before me. Almost Famous, anyone?
The zipper trim and the collar is a black soft leather and the lining is just a simple black silk. Next to the entire amazingness of it (great grammar, I know), I really love the zipper pull. I'll have to take a better picture but it's this huge gunpowder metal lean and long rectangle.
A little secret? This only cost me $25. Can we say, "smiles?"!!!!!!!!!?
:) :) :) :)

Other than that, I've been working long hours at my day job, waking up late every day, feeling airy as I try to break my coffee addiction, doodling a lot of new design ideas, getting my hair done like Peg Bundy, and acting like Cousin It when I'm alone at night.

Until we meet again,


  1. That is such a great find! Where is this amazing, mythical antique mall?

  2. It's magical, I'm painfully jealous!

  3. great pictures!!!!!!
    love your style!
    follow u now