Shop update info.

I've been working my butt off over here with this leather. To be honest, I'm quite obsessed with it and I plan on making a lot more leather items with re-purposed leather. It should be fun and I know you guys will like it!

I'm doing a shop update tomorrow, February 2nd, between 3:00pm-4:00pm (Chicago time. Whatever time that is). The first photo, the leather Anna satchel, will be in the shop first. Here are the other items that I've been so eager to show you (BUUUT couldn't because our internet has been off for a few days).

Pssst... One of these lucky bags will be used for a giveaway this week. HOORAY!

In other news, I've been happily happy and getting even more happy. That's a lot of happy, eh? We're going to get hit with a blizzard for the next few days in Chicago but that just means I had to stock up on my chocolate covered bananas, eggs, and popcorn.

By the way, has anyone else gone to see Tangled? It's amazing. I loved it.
That's all! Stay cozy!


  1. these are amazing! you're so talented. i'm soo tempted to take a closer look into your etsy when it's posted;)

    btw, i'm having a fun giveaway going on right now, if you're interested, join in!

  2. these are amazing pieces!!! i'll have to check out your shop. :)

    p.s. yes i loved tangled!!!

  3. prettyyy!!! i think my favorite is the 4th one down. the leather with the lace on the front.

    i live in northwest indiana, and we're getting the same blizzard you are! i'm also planning to stock up on treats ;)

  4. oh my gosh, everything is so cute!! my favourite is the first one...and the leather one with the doily flower and red zipper; gosh! so sweet.