Bird Trouble is changing.
Earlier this year, I made a resolution that was going to change my shop, Bird Trouble. Those changes, in fact, have been happening. New styles have been made, new materials have been found, new ways to look at things, and new items have been created. I made an important decision to help grow myself, and Bird Trouble. We're going for a whole new look that will keep myself inspired, attract more fans, help it easier for you to support us.

Have you noticed the
new pictures we've been taking? Or the leather we've been using? Maybe you've even noticed the whole new branding.

That being said... please enjoy the
25% off sale... and wait, WAIT... 50% off of the items that you've seen and hopefully love but you never were able to own it. Here are some favorites from others that are on sale.

Feel free to click the picture to shop the item.

As always, I'm here to answer any questions.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the lovely night I've been having. A full stomach from eating spicy chicken wings for dinner, the blue moon I drank, and a wonderful boyfriend who will go see cheesy action flicks like I Am Number Four (don't get me wrong- it was entertaining but cut it off on the romance! I WANT ACTION!!!!!).

Signing out.


  1. I love the direction Bird Trouble is going A LOT!!! Keep moving forward :D <3

  2. I just bought your deer/vintage fabric coasters! I was in need of some coasters, these are perfect!
    Can't wait :) Thanks for having the sale!
    xo, Jamie