simple valentines day

As you know, today is Valentines day. Even more exciting, today is Monday! Every Monday, James and I have off work together so we normally always do 'couple' things... but today was especially couple-ish.

First, we ventured to the Science and Industry Museum where we explored, pressed buttons, learned (a little), but mostly pressed buttons and enjoyed the hands on activities. We also saw a film about the Hubble space craft in Imax that blew both of our minds.

Then we went to get Chicago style hot dogs from a little joint in Hyde Park for a snack. It was delicious. After we filled ourselves a bit, we went thrifting. I found a canvas to re-paint and a bunch of dresses. I have to sew in 3 of them to fit me better, but that's the fun part!

We always go to this thrift store so we were pretty much in and out. Normally, we go straight to the knick knacks... and then we split up and go our own separate ways. That's when I find myself in the dresses isle for about 30 minutes looking at, literally, every single dress. After we rummaged around, we went to the grocery store to collect items to make pasta and some delicious sweet wine. Dinner was sooooooo good. I love cooking with James because we do it together so well.

Yesterday we stopped at this one thrift store on the north side. We found this amazing Japanese Minolta vintage camera. We loaded it with film today and tried to test it out, we found out it didn't work. Bummer. That said... all these photos were taken with my iPhone in Instagram or regular mode (then edited in picnik).

I hope everyone had a great day, Valentines day or not! It shouldn't put anyone in a damper because it's just another day. :)


  1. What a perfect day! The sweetie and I went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) yesterday and had fun too :)

    <3 nearsightedowl.com

  2. That first picture just blows my mind, hahaha it's so so so rad.

  3. What a great day! Science museums are so fun!! Mostly because there are so many cool buttons to push. It's too bad about the camera. It's always a risk when buying them from a thrift store, but sometimes it's worth it.

  4. be still my heart a science museum!! ;) my kinda good time!!
    You're too precious in that first photo!