Some of my favorite DIYs

I have so many DIY projects saved in a million different places such as my planner, post-it notes on my inspiration wall, my favorites, bookmarked on my internet, post-it noted on my computer... they're everywhere! All of my friends who know me in real life always direct me to crafty things that they see because they know I'm a craft nut. Thanks friends! To help organize myself, and to help you get inspired to do some crafting, I've decided to do some posts dedicated to some of my favorite projects that you could do at home. I'll try to post them weekly, but as busy as I've been this new year (hence the failure of my 365 day project), I'll post them as frequently as I can!

I literally just came across this tutorial from Jessica Jones' blog, How About Orange. She made her own stencil from freezer paper and whipped up this cute scarf. I love stencils because you can put it on as many materials as you want, as long as you apply it correctly. Jessica has a whole bunch of DIY tutorials so be sure to check them out!

Tif from Dottie Angel made this angelic curtain salvaged from old hank chiefs and curtains. I love that it's so simple to look and even simple to make! Some other ideas I came up with would be to use vintage colorful scarfs like this one or these.

Genius! Not only does it help your carbon footprint but anyone could do this! Melissa from ISLY showed her readers this easy tutorial on reusing tshirts and recreating a jersey necklace. I want to try this with some colorful printed shirts and maybe some beads, or even sewn on buttons. Melissa also has some other tutorials on her blog that can wind up your craft nights!

How fun would this be to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? RadMegan created this water garden that can be placed anywhere in your home! Since it's so frigid cold over here in Chicago and it'll be awhile until we can grow anything outside, this lovely green home makes me smile and hope for Spring.

Stay tuned for more tutorials to keep your hands moving this winter. I can't bare to even step outside, unless it's mandatory, so crafting, movies, food, and hot chocolate have been my vice lately.
If you have any tutorials you'd like me to feature, you could always email me or leave me a comment!My email is on the homepage of my blog.


  1. i love diy's, thanks so much for sharing!!

    i just shared a diy on my blog to make a turban style headband...i'd love if you shared it on an upcoming diy feature!!

  2. i LOVE freezer paper stencils. so amazing. i'm digging all the diy's!