It's a snow day today!
I don't know if everyone has heard about this crazy blizzard we were supposed to get hit with. Well, we've officially been hit by it. Besides for going outside to take these pictures, I've been cabin fevered in my apartment since 2pm yesterday. Well, that's a lie. I went outside at 5pm to drive James to the L-stop and it took about 45 minutes for me to drive 2 miles there and 2 miles back. FOUR MILES!!! 45 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!! We stocked up on ramen, ice cream, milk, and eggs because everywhere on the news, they were telling us it's life or death and to NOT leave your home. This morning at about 9am, I was notified at that the salon I work at was closed for business today, including every other business in Chicago. I screamed with excitement because all I kept thinking about how I just wanted to face plant myself into the snow. I then fell asleep, until about 12:30pm and did not move from my bed until 3pm. Maybe a little too late? SNOW DAY!!!! We then ate breakfast, watched a few cheesey 90's movies, and started to get ready for our snow adventure.

That's all the exciting things I did today (besides apply that face mask). Here are the pictures we took!

Stay warm!


  1. Haha, looks like fun! I did the same exact thing today. I work at a dr. office on the south side and we were closed too! Im getting all ansy being stuck in my house so long but I def. wouldn't mind another snow day tomorrow!

  2. LOL!!! you make me so smile!!!!

  3. that looks sooo fun! The most exciting thing we did with our snow was drive to Menards to buy a shovel and then did some donuts in my boyfriend's truck. Woo hoo!

  4. OH MY GOD!!!! lolol so fun and crazy!!!