Feeling accomplished and good!

This week has been a pretty darn good week.
I feel like I accomplished a lot while still enjoying the some good weather we had. Let's see...

  • I sewed a quick elastic band skirt with this great thin red fabric. It's super light and doesn't stick to be in this humidity.
  • I hemmed up a denim dress I purchased from the Pilsen Vintage Bazaar. It fit a little baggy [not baggy, but not super fitting] so it was either, 'Ok, loose fitting and long?' or 'loose fitting and cute and short?'
  • I finished 4 purses! Super proud about that.
  • Went on a spontaneous bowling date night with James. It was nice because we're not really going to see a lot of each other this week because of work.
  • We shaved our cat. She was shedding like crazy! Yuck! To be honest, I'm pretty sure she likes us 39% more that we did that.
Today has been an over-all just a relaxing day by myself. I started it semi-early with a Bird Trouble photo shoot of the new purses. I took Ty to the dog park and he had a lot of fun. I sat out on my deck in cut off jeans and a bikini top, listening to the David Allen Coe pandora station. Feeling all typical hick-ish while painting a stick. Yep, a stick. Does anyone else realized how weird they sound after reading out loud what you just typed?


  1. you look like a lovely and suited couple :3

  2. pretty and lovely..love it :)
    i adore your glasses on second picture..hehehe..

    Miss Aa

  3. sounds like a good week! nice weather always makes everything better!!

  4. pics are great + you shaved your cat + can you please shave mine + their fur or rather hair is awful when the seasons change + the dander is worse + great post...by wyetha