Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!!

Meow. I sewed up a few similar bags a bit ago with two of my [some] of my vintage fabrics and I love them. They're smaller so you can take them to festivals or shopping while it's hot out. No need to worry about over packing but pack just the right amount. I made myself one with this size a while back and it's my favorite every day bag. I plan on taking these for the craft shows this month so if you feel the need to need them, grab them quick.

Other than than, this month is going to be insane with those two weekends in a row of craft shows. One in Indianapolis and one at home in Chicago. Stop by and enjoy the weather with me! I might not be able to blog much this month because a lot of my time is going to be consumed with tagging products that aren't, sewing last minute bring alongs, and setting up for my table. I want my tables to be ultra cute and by ultra, I mean cute like a batch of baby kittens playing with a batch of baby porcupines. THAT cute.

:::Show dates and info:::
INDIEana Handicraft Exchange.
Saturday, June 11. 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. FREE ENTRY
The Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, IN.

Minor Art Attack Craft.
This is not your run of the mill craft fair. This is a community gathering together to help a school in need.
June 18th 12pm-8pm & June 19th 12pm-6pm
2055 W. Erie St. in Chicago, IL

Thanks friends!


  1. ohhhhhhh i love the creamsicle one! those are the perfect everyday size!

  2. your bags look really great!


  3. Love these! Colors are amazing!