10 Things I Love

It seems to be that I'm most inspired at the beginning of the week.
I have about... 5 random sketch/notes/idea books, that are both old and new, filled with ideas.
I just really love brains [especially mine].
There's so much creative thoughts stored in our brains that just need a little help getting out.

For instance, the other day... James and I decided that we're going to make a little book with our own illustrations. It'll be our interpretation of something that happened to us in an everyday incident. Like cooking dinner and being burned by oil, then James coming to the rescue. But we're going to over exaggerate it so that maybe James would RIP OFF his shirt and show his superhero costume... then save me from the mean oil. Yep. ANYWAY.
The whole point to this story is that I definitely wrote that instance down in one of my books and laughed the whole time.

Here are my 10 Things I Love today.
All are inspired to help you be inspired and to create something with your two hands.
Because I know you can!

Ty ate my stuffed squirrel that I made this past winter. Plain destroyed it.
Naughty boy is going back to being crate trained. >=|
these little foxes inspires me to make another squirrel but to make it a million times better.
But this is no where near me saying that I'm not bitter.

I'm not one for accessories on my wrist but this DIY is so cute and easy!
I want to recreate this in my own way and add it to my handmade items.

With summer FINALLY (I think?) being here in Chicago, comes a lot of bike rides.
(Like yesterday, we road all day!!)
This is a really easy quick DIY but also inspires me to further consider some bike bags.
But shhh... that's not fully thought out yet.

Did I mention that we're moving out August 1st?
James, myself, Ty, and cheeseburger are trying to find a new home near a neighborhood called West Town.
I'm in a real big mood for
DIY furniture right now. I can't wait to find a place.
James and I are so similiar... plus, he loves my design ideas. BETTER! ;)

I love the texture on this dress.
I'm wondering how I can make it softer for my bags or even on the hip of a skirt.
[p.s.whoelseiscreepedoutbythegirlsface? just lingering in the top corner.]

Made out of a mens t-shirt! How cute is that?!
Ever just stroll through the men's isles at the thrift stores?
How we can use the awesome prints on their shirts to benefit us!

I just died! This is so darling.
I really want to find an apartment with a backyard space.
One we saw, had this huge roof top access, and I keep mentally putting myself back on the roof.
I would definitely put these in my backyard.

I know I'm not the only one who buys the beer just solely based on the artwork of the bottles.
Think of the possibilities!

I used to have a huge thing for plastic crates.
I used to hijack them from behind this hot dog place when I lived in Pilsen.
Hey, being a broke 20 year old really puts things into prospective!
Having a
thing for boxes is cool though.

Lack of space but lots of books? No big deal!
I'd paint them bright bold colors because I'm obnoxious like that.

Hope that helped motor your brain! I'd love to see what you guys can create.
Until next time!
<3 Alexz


  1. i need a bookshelf like this! my pretty book collection is quickly growing and i hate hiding them away!

  2. Tea pots! So cute. But seriously. I love love love the reflector tape on the pants. That is so happening to all of Leif's pants. -JB

  3. Ooh, what a lovely fox family! I might have to make a little mouse family, I made one when I was about 7, but it was so lumpy and awful I got angry and threw the in the bin! I can't beleive I didn't think of putting flowers into teapots too (duuh!) they look so pretty along that railing, althought you would need one hell of a teapot collection! Ah well, one can dream.

  4. i love that table! great idea