Summer lately

[recent sketch]

Am I the only blogger who blogs at 1:15am? I swear my brain works better at night sometimes.

I woke up this morning totally on the wrong side of the bed. I blame it on the weather. Last night was a freak thunderstorm with huge balls of hail. This morning was just a total gloom fest with gross after-storm crap all over. Did I mention today was my day off?!

But finally, the sun came out while James and I were riding the bikes back from Target. I felt a sudden urge of productiveness after fitting a friends shirt to him as an exchange for home-brewed beer.

6 hours later... all photos are taken and uploaded and edited, dinner was ate (i think?), dog was fed, measurements were taken, listings were listed and items are ready to be purchased, Facebook was updated, and now a blog post is being made.
Jeez! 6 hours finally done and I feel SO accomplished. I felt like doing that for a whole month!

Finally, the craft shows are at a halt, I'm not at the day job, and I was 100% successful in updating Bird Trouble!
Here are just a few out of the almost 30 NEW ITEMS:
four new skirts and a new summer dress

around 20 new utility pouches and wristlets.

two new bags. one of a kind sling back and a one of a kind BACKPACK!

more include: original paintings and updated pictures of previous items. enjoy and happy shopping!

Stay tuned next week for:
  • craft show set up pictures
  • THREE big giveaways!
  • every day life photos

XOXO, Alexz


  1. Your not alone, I'm a late night blogger too, and if I didn't share my house, I would be sewing at night too! Well done on all your productivity, I love the bags, especially the backpack.

  2. Your shop is SO super duper cute! I love the leather bags, A LOT.
    xo Moorea Seal