1970's. Style + Lifestyle Envy.

:: Style + Lifestyle Envy ::
The 1970's.

This a list of things I do at least once a week, or have done this past month.
  • watching cheesy 70s films
  • wearing marihuana shirts
  • bought a pair of 70's vintage wooden bottom sandals (james thought they were so ugly at least but i need my feetsies to breathe! plus, no one else has them. i love that about owning vintage)
  • purchased my second pair of bell-bottoms (in my brain at the store... good brain: "don't do it man... you don't need them" better brain: "but these are vintage treasures! you NEED them." So what'd I do?)
  • farrah-ing my hair out
  • too much that 70's show
  • bought new sunglasses [see below please!]
  • day-dreamt huddled in a soaking wet tent in a muddy field with the dirtiest of friends, as I watch this 3 part Woodstock documentary
I've decided to create a little collage of fun photos from by my Bird Trouble pouch + the 70's generation.
Oh how I wish I had those shoes.

Also, check out my new sunglasses! For $8, not shabby.



  1. haha i love this! i am wearing a totally 70s psychadelic vintage handmade dress today because i dig the 70s too! :)

  2. I think you are the only person who can pull of the 70's as well as you do!