Thrifted Finds

::Thrifted Finds::

I've been trying to not go to the thrift store so often as of lately.
Since we're moving, I'm trying to either downsize what I have right now or let some stuff go.

BUT... The other day after I got out of work, I was riding my bike home and I stumbled across an estate sale. I've never been to an estate sale in the city; I always seem to go to them in the suburbs or in the country somewhere. So, how could I pass up? The house was tiny, yellow, and charming. It was surrounded by trees and once you walked into the backyard, it didn't really feel like you were in the city anymore.

Being on a bicycle, I had to limit myself and stop myself from buying a $10 vintage locker (!!! I'm so mad about this still!) and a $30 kitchen diner table (ugh).
Either way, I walked out only spending $3 TOTAL on a few random cute finds:

  • I'm using the vintage coasters as tags for my products. I've been cutting them in half and stamping them with my Bird Trouble stamp.
  • I've been wearing the floral skinny belt pretty much every over day.
  • The cup right now is packed away but I might put it on my desk with some pens in it.
What have you thrifted lately?
If your answer if nothing, then go have some thrifting fun this weekend!


  1. ive totally been thrifting home decor lately! nothing like an old owl figurine to bring a little smile to my living room! ((i love that belt you scored))!

  2. both my husband and I have hit the jackpot on shoes/boots.....also a great belt find, it has been a great "thrifting" summer!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is literally the cutest belt I have ever seen! I would be wearing it every day too! :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. That nectar beer coaster is on my coffee table! I use it all the time ha : )
    I recently found a great little vanity chair I'm going to reupholster! Yay for thrifting!

  5. The beermat/tag idea is so clever! Loving your blog and seeing all your 'before and after' projects.

  6. I found a bunch of cute shirts, an outfit and a dress at the thrift store. I love thrifting too and its soooo hard for me not to go sometimes. I also have so many things.