Altered: A Large Women's Shirt.



First, I cut off the sleeves into the shape I was imagining. I sewed the sides in to roughly fit me. I added two darts in the front and two darts in the back so a more fitted feel. I sliced the back of the collar so I could add a button closure. I braided some pieces of scrap. I sewed a scrap of leather on top of the raw part of the braid for the collar and I added two round studs, just for the heck of it.


I sewed that skirt the other night too. It's light, it flows, and it makes me feel super girly.

Also, can I mention that I just bought sandals yesterday?
It'd be maybe my.... second time buying sandals? They feel so funny.
I don't know if I like them yet but they're pretty squishy and comfortable since they're from that Born brand. Does anyone have any sandal suggestions or very open flats that they could recommend?

xoxo, Alexz.

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  1. That is so pretty! What a creative solution :) I bet that looks super adorable on you!