Cooking- Cracking an egg into red pepper.

I took this idea after seeing a similiar photo on pinterest.com. However, these photos are mine.

Being a fan of red peppers and having that nostalgia of cracking my egg into a slice of bread,
I felt the need to try this out.
It turned out pretty darn good and was really simple!
The only thing I'd change is not flipping. I like my egg runny.
It sat a little too long to be runny in the middle so I'll have to fix that for next time.

I think this would taste delicious if I added more of a Mexican food feel.
Maybe some beans and melting queso?

xoxo, Alexz


  1. Looks yummy + and I do this with bread all the time.


  2. this looks amazing and delicious... i can't believe it's so simple. the mexican pairings sound great as well. love me some beans!