Gettin' Crafty.

I've had this vintage fabric (from the 70's!) for almost a year now, but I've been using it as an accent in my room because I loved it so much. I also didn't have the heart to cut it! It was the most beautiful single collected fabric to me. Recently, about a month ago, I remember the idea coming to my head. Cut the fabric, Alexz. Just cut the damn fabric. You just bought all this golden yellow leather and you NEED to cut that fabric. I think it was while I was on the bus. Good thing I had a sketch book with me because I jotted those ideas down asap!

So, I did. I made two really cute standing pouches that sold almost immediately. Thanks guys!
But that was then, that was the hump I needed to get over that hump. This is now. I made a pouch that is larger than my normal pattern and played around with some golden leather that I've had laying around. They really go perfect together, don't they?

The next project I've finished is Joanna's custom bag. I've been talking to Joanna for a while now. After sending photos bag and forth for inspiration, we came down to the final decisions:
  • Choices of fabric
  • Size
  • Use
She wanted an every day bag (night or day) that not only fit her style, but also made use of her every day use. She originally messaged me about a leather bag but creating with repurposed leather, also brings limited leather. So I tried to place it all around the bag. I loved working with her! She had me branch out to prints that aren't my normality but I'm really, really happy to how this turned out.

What have you been working on lately?

xoxo, alexz.


  1. Oooh, I love it! Those are beautiful! Glad you took the plunge so that could share that lovely fabric with the world! :)

  2. beautiful fabric! I totally get that its hard to cut beautiful fabric, especially vintage fabric! but it turned out great!