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I know the 4th of July was a few weeks ago but I just stumbled over a few photos I took during our weekend. This can be your proof that I do other stuff other than sew and work, even though it doesn't seem that way... haha. My boyfriend always gets all weird whenever I put him on my blog, but I can't help it that he has a nice face that I like to show off. I think he secretly love it. My long-time-friend Bryan joined us in our bike riding festivities, but he road along on his skateboard.

For the two day (sunday+monday) 4th of July celebration, I decided to go all on out. On Sunday, we had a BBQ in our backyard with fireworks going off every 5 minutes. There were friends I hadn't seen in a while and people were open to BYOB+BYOF. There was tons of food. My coworkers even made cute rice krispy cupcakes with the presidents faces printed out on! Hilarious! There was a million laughs and spilled drinks through the fun night.

On Monday, we went to another friends BBQ for a little bit. After that, we road our bikes to see the big firework finale at a friends roof. Then we road our bikes to the Logan Square statue to sit around and drink our 6 pack of PBR.

For my dress attire for both days (yep, same clothes- I know how to roll), I purchased a pair of pants from the thrift store the day before for my outfit. I cut and tore them apart, made them into dixie shorts, sewed scraps of a mini American flag from Walgreens on the pocket and to the front. I then added some studs and made some rips, just because I was excited.
I realize how Urban Outfitters that must sound. Even though they probably are, they were done with only $5. Take that UO!

In other news:
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  1. great pics! never too late to share good times :)