Shop love.

Hi Readers! Ever been so amazed by someones craftsmanship? I'm sure you have!
So amazed that it makes you want to explore new crafts to see what your own hands can do?

Personally, I've always wanted to work with wood or other raw materials but having a small space right now seems to be stopping me. My dad gave James a lot of tools and some intense saw looking things. Now that we're moving into a bigger place for August, I'm thinking we're going to be able to explore a lot more technique. Since James already enjoys whittling (he whittled me an acorn necklace the first month we were dating!), I always get excited about the possibilities for when we actually can start.

This post is dedicated to all the artists that make things that blow my mind.
Thank you for being awesome!

I ran into Tumbleweed's Oddities three days ago and was INSTANTLY hooked. I love their craftsmanship, their clean look, and the fact that their sunglasses are good on dudes and chicks. I mean, I just think they're so bad ass. It's hard not to think so! Also, Beca has a cheerful crafty blog that will definitely inspire you too.

Apartment Five has a small collection of their handmade SHOES in their etsy shop. I LOVE the soft look of these. It looks as if they were meant to be worn. Not only do they look comfortable and wearable, they'll most definitely start up a conversation with friends. I'd be all "Hey! How's it going? Good, yeah I bet. WELL GUESS WHAT! I BOUGHT THESE AWESOME HANDMADE SHOES! Aren't they so sweet? Yeah I know." Hence, the person I'm having a conversation with wouldn't have a second to speak because I'd be so excited to introduce my feet.

I think it's kind of genius to combine bark, yarn, and feathers. I also think it's pretty awesome to combine them into a one of a kind over-sized ring. This fellow lady Chicagoan (who I'm pretty sure looks super familiar), The Gypsy Fox, describes herself as "a rambling, roaming, crafty vagabond fox inspired by nature."
Pretty awesome in my book.

Not only do I have a local Chicago girl crush on Steff Bomb (no, I haven't met her yet but I still have a crush on her), but her creations are insanely cute and irresistible. She was nominated Chicago's 2011 Best Crafter and she surely deserved it! Even though I love to sew, I can't imagine the time and planning it takes to make an adorable plush. I made a squirrel once (RIP after my dog eating it) and it was... ok, I guess.
Nothing compared to this craftsmanship!

Surprisingly, I haven't tried screen printing yet. I have all the materials, minus the squeegee, I think.
I give
Bark Decor an A+++ for their prints and the quality of them. Can't forget to mention that this towel is only $10! That means you can buy two- one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom. Done, and done.

Who are some of your favorite artists/crafters that inspire you?
Have you been inspired to try a new craft out and how did it work for you?



  1. Wow, thank you for sharing these pieces! I am always so inspired and blown away by peoples' creativity. I really love those screenprinted towels! I have been wanting to try screenprinting for quite a while now... perhaps I'll make it a Midyear Resolution :)

    Thanks for this awesome post!

  2. Ooh, thank you for including us!!