Happy Caturday

Happy Caturday my lovely, cat lovin', readers!
I'm going to try to make every Saturday, Caturday on my blog.
My co-workers and I always email blast each other with kitten photos, videos, kitten love, cats on cats, cats with bunnies, ect. They always make my start to the weekend a peppy one.

Caturday is solely because I am slightly and more and more becoming crazy about cats. It's just the weird things that Cheeseburger does that makes me goo-goo over her. Today, she wouldn't let me take her cat board scratcher because she thought I was going to destroy it. She calmed down after I told her that I was putting more drugs in it for her. She quietly nodded her kitten head and I continued to take her scratch board into the kitchen.

She was pretty happy when I came back into the living room.

Today's Caturday feature is: this Kitty Cat Tee by Leah Goren.
Leah is an artist attending Parsons School of Design and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. I thank Calivintage for blogging about her kitty dress that Leah custom made her. I've already followed Leah on her twitter, her tumblr, her blog, and favorited her Etsy shop. #girlcrush

I only assume that you love cats because, well, you are a reader of Bird Trouble and I love cats and if you don't love cats, you be crazy. Enjoy your weekend you cat lover, you.



  1. oh, i've already forgot about caturday, people got tired of all the cat memes and stopped doing it. i may revive it myself cause i'm still obsessed with cats. :)

  2. haha! that's awesome about the scratching post. I think my cat would do that too. :) My friend at work and I send cat videos all the time. We even made our back to school powerpoint for the kids full of them. LOL! They will know we are crazy cat ladies. :)