Newest work :: Day backpack from a vintage apron.

This past winter, I attended the Vintage Bazaar in Pilsen (a neighborhood here in Chicago) in hopes of grabbing some great deals and unique items.

Unfortunately, we didn't know how early they were closing down so we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off for the last 30 minutes. I wish I would have snatched some pictures of the space they had in Pilsen, it was this huge factory with those awesome windows (the ones in expensive lofts that you
wish you owned). It was wide open with tons of vintage sellers.

I did end up leaving with a few items... those being of a cow horn, a denim mom dress (super cute after i shortened it!), a denim dad shirt (so James and I could be the denim couple), a vintage car mirror, and a pair of 1960's vintage sunglasses that had an 'Advertised in Play Boy' tag. Those, unfortunately, broke for the 4th and final time this past weekend.
I've got the bad sunglasses luck.

My favorite item I left with, of course was material that I was going to be able to work with. This
AWESOMMMME work apron with paint splatters, an address from the south side of Chicago (Cermak Rd.), and some great pockets. I immediately wanted to make it into a backpack. I knew I wanted to.
The straps on it were perfect for tie-strings and a vision of a perfect day backpack. I love buying vintage textiles that I can make into something different. Much more than productive that collecting squirrels and squirrels, and squirrels. (NO, IT'S NOT!)

I had this leather jacket that James let me rip up. I completely de-stitched each seam until it was just a jacket unraveled. I used those scraps for the straps and was even able to double fold it for comfort.

I just really like backpacks and I may be a sucker for them. I think I'll definitely try to make more backpack styles in the future. This one definitely inspired me to make more.

Learn more about the one of a kind backpack / or buy it in my shop HERE.



  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely beautiful! WOW! I seriously want one of my own now! All of your pieces are so pretty! XO

  2. ohhh, that's so beautiful!! i love this idea so much.

  3. Wow, that is such a cool and clever idea! You are such a smart cookie!

    It's a shame about the Playboy glasses! I bet they were awesome :) I have horrible sunglasses luck too, which is why is rarely buy any more expensive than the $5 ones from Forever 21!