A rant on high internet rates.

Being stubborn with high prices, we haven't purchased internet for our new place. Does anyone have any recommendations? I looked up comcast and ATT, they both seem... not perfect. We've been watching the same movies over and over, I'm having That 70's Show withdrawals, I haven't been able to update my Etsy, and I haven't been inspired to sew.

I finally got off my butt and walked 3 minutes to the local coffee shop [KnockBox] so I can have a killer blended Chai Latte and use their wifi. It's a quaint little place literally down the corner. I'll have to show you guys soon. I've managed to update my shop, upload images to flickr, leave some feedback, answer some emails, and scheduled a bunch of blog posts.

I think after this, I'm going to walk home and sew some tote bags. My ankle is swollen from my birthday taco tattoo and I get pins and needles on it when I walk. It's pretty funny actually.


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  1. I use Clear internet, which is kind of a new company I think, but way more awesome than Verizon or Comcast, in my opinion. They are a lot cheaper too, and there are no contracts. The best thing is they give you one of those little USB thingies to plug into your laptop which gives you wireless internet pretty much anywhere! You could like, be online while you're driving. Anyway, you should check them out if they're in your area! ;)