Our [two?] dream rentals.

I posted our apartment on craigslist (yes, the one we just moved into). We had really good news that the un-paying previous tenants below us were evicted and their 3 bedroom is for rent.
For only a little more, we had to jump to the opportunity. Now, our own studio for each that are totally separate from each other and the bedroom is in our future- and so is a living room AND dining room. Can I also mention that all my kitchen cabinets are white with windows so you can see the dishware through them?
*melt.* Dream cabinets.

We move in this week. They just finished cleaning and changing the blinds and polyurethane the wood floors. We'll still have access to our 2 bedroom so it'll be like renting two places at once! We're going to take our sweet time walking a single item down at a time. Yep.

In front of my sewing machine: bird feathers, vintage beach photo to imagine i'm somewhere else,
vintage pattern to remember to make, and a drawing book



  1. That's exciting :) The house next door to us has gone up for sale and me and my OH had a whole conversation about what if we could afford the house next door - we could knock a door way *here* and have a dining room. Then we realised that our garden would be huge lol. It's already pretty big but a second garden the same size was a little crazy - then I suggested to my Mum that my brother could buy it - that way she could visit us both in one go lol.

  2. Congratulations! That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you!

    PS Darling photo!

  3. That sounds dreamy.

    I am always daunted by moving due to the fact that you have to throw everything into boxes and get out in a few days. I would love the idea of taking my sweet time to move.

  4. Hooray!! So glad to hear you got it. That's awesome! Have fun moving. :)