Style Inspiration ::: Lauren Moffatt

Thanks to CaliVintage, I've become slightly obsessed and inspired by Lauren Moffatt's fall line. Be sure to read up on her bio, she's quite inspiring and a lot like myself and my readers. She also has a blog you can follow, too!
Here is some more eye candy of my favorite pieces.
Hopefully this will keep your eyes busy while I'm taking my "break".

::Moving update::
We're slowly unpacking. The living room furniture and the TV is set up so we're able to relax, but the rest of the place is a slow painful process as I try to unpack with the sorest muscles I've ever encountered. We spent from 9AM to 12:30AM on the run and unpacking [while going down 2 flights of stairs, and back up 3 flights]. It was really hot that day too.
But let me tell you, I've been sleeping like a baby knowing that James and I have our OWN place. We have such a similar. It's wonderful.

Until next time,


  1. Normally I'm like "meh" about fashion but I am dying over these dresses.

  2. I am really loving those boots a lot. and good luck with unpacking the rest of your things! (:

  3. *___* everything is so pretty! I love the last dress very snazzy!