Future Studio + Lately.

Good news! Our place is coming together so FAST.
Yesterday, while I was at my day job, James put together the kitchen and threw out all the empty boxes.
Today, while I'm at work again, he's setting up the studio so I can get to work.

I drew up a sketch of how I want it arranged. Yeah, I know, I'm a dork.
Does anyone else draw out or write out EVERYTHING?
Good thing James rocks and he's going to go off my sketch. Yeah, I've got a cool dude.

It's been weird not working with my hands for a few days. So I've been making lists and sketching like crazy due to hand boredom. I even made a mini daily planner that I'll use specifically for Bird Trouble stuff. Well, when I made it... I had it start August 1st and obviously, I've been so busy and unorganized, I don't even have my digital camera charged because the cord is still packed. But hopefully, I'll be able to actually use it starting next week.

Since my camera isn't charged, lately I've just been entertaining myself with my new iPhone application, Camera+. It's such an awesome and a fun photo editing tool for dirt cheap.

Beach day.

Hopefully apart of a future project-to-be.

Breaking bad 'jaja' as James would call it.

And a few sneak peeks of the place...



  1. I draw/write out everything too, mostly things that are completely unnecessary!

  2. I was telling Chris how I can see the canteen TV from my desk in our office at work - he thought there were solid walls so I wouldn't be able to see it - so I drew a map for him so that it made sense lol.

    I'd draw doodles for him as well if he was doing something like setting out a room for me. :)

  3. Your place looks so cute, too! I draw out layouts of new places and ideas too...it drives Tanner nuts, but hey, it works for me! I've already sketched out where I think everything will work for our new place in September! :)