DIY :: Block Stamping

I went to Blick the other week and collected some fun stuff for block printing. I made my own squirrel stamp (two, to be exact) using the Blick E-Z-Cut Printing Blocks by cutting with Speedball Linoleum Cutters. The printing blocks are super easy to cut through, which is awesome for speedy carving, and could be dangerous because I almost sliced my fingers off a few times. It gets really fun though.
Then James, being the crafty little sucker that he is, cut some wood for me to mount it on. So sweet. I printed them with a fabric ink onto muslin to test it out and I ended up FORGETTING that I was just testing them out and ended up printing all my muslin. Oops! Looks like I was having too much squirrel-ish fun.

And that's what some of them look like. I also tried to make a Bird Trouble stamp, just for fun, but forgot that once it was printed, it was backwards. Trial and error, baby, trial and error.

As you can see, Cheeseburger was having a mighty fun time sitting on the couch, SCREAMING, at me for attention. Might as well just walk over all my fabric, kitten! Oh wait, she did. Kitten prints would be cute. Oh and also, this is my Caturday post too. Take that!
Have a great weekend! I can't wait to make a post next week with some pictures from Renegade. EE!!!



  1. Hope you had a wonderful time at Renegade! You're such a doll!
    xo, elsie