I was born in Dixie in a boomer shed

Just a little shanty by the railroad track
Freight train was it taught me how to cry
The holler of the driver was my lullaby
I got the freight train blues
Okay, maybe it's not a freight train but we adventured on the abandoned tracks that go over Humboldt Park in Chicago. It was fun. Until we saw a cop car and decided to hide out in the bushes just in case we were trespassing. All in good fun- Go us!

Happy Friday!

PS. To the confusion to my last post, I won't have a booth at Renegade but I will be walking around and mingling. So who ever else is going, let me know so we can keep an eye out for each other!


  1. Goodness, this is quite possibly the coolest thing to do ever! I would be terrified that I'd fall off! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Eeep, is that a missing track piece? Good thing they abandoned it! Hehe :) You look so pretty!

    Have fun at Renegade! I bet it will be amazing!