The Lagoon

We went for a walk to Humboldt Park that morning, which is only a 5 minute walk away but the park itself is huge. We walked around, threw sticks, enjoyed the sun in our eyes, and laid in the grass for a while. That was a nice day. I'm going to miss Humboldt Park for the next 6 months.

Looking at these pictures are really nostalgic because they were only a short week ago, but so much has changed. The weather, my living situation (again), and my future. This could have been the very last day of beautiful summer weather, but it was definitely the very last day my camera was fully working. 

The lagoon is my favorite place there. It's Ty's too. 
We both have the same stupid smiles on our face.

I made the dress I'm wearing. I found the fabric from this fabric hoarders estate sale before last winter. The fabric is really light and the dress itself just slips on and frog clasps at the shoulder blades. It's my perfect lazy walk down the street dress. I also have been recently rocking the high bun. Thanks to a co-worker-bun-rocker of mine, I learned how to get my bun perfect. 


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