Recently from the Estate Sale

 I found some real great dresses.

While Jen and Alec were out here, we decided to check out an estate sale in Avondale. I always thought estate sales were a million times more fun and exciting to go to. Thrift stores can be okay but there's nothing like going to an estate sale at a home that is currently being completely cleared out. Being in someone else's home and going through their things can sometimes be a lot to take it- but the finds are greater. 

Hidden in the basement that smelled very similar to my grandma's basement, these dresses were tucked away in linen jackets. I still need to get them cleaned, but I'm excited to wear them and get them all ready for this fall and winter. The blue one needs some major TLC. The bottom has spots that don't look like they're going anywhere. I'm most likely just cut it shorter. It'll just be more of a micro-mini, like the retro orange dress.

This particular home might have been one of my favorites. There were pretty linens, cute knick knacks, secret doors with skeleton keys, and a crazy retro washing machine. 
She even had a sewing machine that matched my tattoo almost identical! 
The lady who was working there thought it was the most wild thing she had ever seen.

Among these, I found a steamer trunk for $1, a large tote bag that I'll use as a reusable shopping bag for 50 cents, a bunch of long ivory table lace for bag supplies (!!!), and a little camera. All this for $8! Jen and Alec grabbed some clothes, a radio, and suitcases for dirt cheap too.

Do you ever go to estate sales? What have you found?


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