Newest Work :: The 4-Way Bag

 I did some squirrel stamping the other week with my own block stamps, and after testing them on muslin (see my DIY blog post here!), I decided to get a really nice tough canvas to work on an official project. After printing them, I didn't really know what type of bag shape to make with the canvas. 

I was thinking about what I see most people carrying and what my friends wear and I thought: I'm more of a messenger bag, and if I'm not carrying my Fred Perry messenger bag that I've had for 7 years now, I'm carrying a small little cross-body bag. Most of my time, I am carrying that Fred Perry bag because I'm super casual and I feel more comfortable carrying that around the city on the buses, or on my bike, than carrying a small purse where I can't carry my books with me. So, I decided to cut the canvas into two large rectangles and I made a 4 way tote bag.

I still wanted it to be a cross body, and I wanted it to be comfortable. I really wanted to make it versatile so that you can wear it closer to your chest, or loose hanging on your hips. So I took a vintage trim and sewed it through the middle, so you can detach the repurposed belt strap and clasp it to the middle or to the top.

So here are the 4 different ways you can wear this bag. I wish I had better photos, but my camera's lens wont come out of the camera and I'm pretty sure hobbits came into my home at night, took apart my camera, and put it back together in the same spot it was, but messed with the mechanic-ism. Now it's broken. *shakes fists at the hobbits*
  • -Carry it at the handles as a simple tote bag.
  • -Clasp the strap to the leather braided handles to wear it low.
  • -Clasp the strap to the middle trim hoops and wear it high
  • -With the straps on the middle, fold the bag in half if you aren't carrying a load.

The first bag is mine. Muahaha. But I'm making another one, almost identical (different belt strap, piping, and lining- same canvas- same trims). If anyone would like to pre-order that one, please email me HERE

If anyone would like to pre-order their own bag but with a different print, I can customize a stamp for you. Just email me your ideas!



  1. I was waiting to see what you would use that squirrel print for - love it.

    turn that frown upside down

  2. Rawwr- those hobbits mess everything up! I LOVE this bag! I wear cross-body bags a lot because I'm afraid of getting pickpocketed, hehe :) So this is way cute and I love the squirrel print!