A peak into Bird's new home.

Many of you are probably so confused by my living situation right now. Let me give you the run through:
On August 1st, we moved into a two bedroom that was on the third floor of this vintage rehabbed building. It's in a wonderful location at the edge of Humboldt Park and Ukranian Village. Our landlord told us about a three bedroom in the same building, a floor down, with a great deal on rent, so we HAD to grab it. So we lived at the 2 bedroom for two weeks, then moved down to the 3 bedroom. I love it.

Some favorites:
  • 7 minute bike ride from one of my salon locations.
  • 20 minute bike ride to the two other locations.
  • Within 15 minutes walking/7 minute biking to awesome night life and hipster shopping (if I feel the need to go to Akira, Urban Outfitters, or American Apparel).
  • There's a million coffee shops by me!
  • Humboldt Park- a HUGE park where I can run laps with Ty and enjoy the sun with a book.
  • There's a Dominicks down the street (huge plus!)

We have a lot of renovation to do. We plan on staying here for a long time because the area is so great and it's just getting better the more west you go. There's some ugly tiling in the bathroom (pink, yuck) and ugly paint on the walls that we need to make pretty. Until we have the time and expenses to do that, we are dealing with what we were given!

Here's some pictures from around our new home: : :

Does anyone have any tips from experience on how to cover ugly tile? 
I've heard: painting or contact paper. I'd love to read about your experiences!



  1. That sounds like such an awesome place! And it's awesome you'll have a guest bedroom now :) Hooray, glad you are settling in!

  2. Congratulations with you new home! It already looks really cosy. I hope it will feel soon as your own, little place (:

  3. i love fresh starts! it already looks like a cozy and creative space. yeah to new spaces!


  4. The place is so beautiful. You are one lucky lady! I envy your living space, and the spaces near by.

    Wishing you so much love!

    (^.^) hope to hear from you -

  5. oh my goodness, you are making me miss chicago so, so much. congrats on your new place - i'm interested to see how you end up de-uglifying it.