Studio Sunday

 I hope my U.S. readers is having a wonderful holiday weekend! I don't really care much for celebrating Labor Day. We don't have any particular plans, besides for enjoying our days off on a, hopefully, beautiful weekend.

I enjoyed my Saturday night with my best friend, Christina, and some other lovely friends. We've had to reschedule so many times but Saturday night is the night she can stay out since she doesn't work today. Who knows what we're doing today- we don't have any set plans- but I'm so excited that I can finally hang out with her! She's been a super busy bee with switching jobs, starting classes again, and now she has to plan a move for the middle of the month.

Here are some snap shots of my newest studio and even the floor on the living room I've been printing on : :

Don't forget that there's 20% off at Bird Trouble this weekend only! Grab a bag, or two. :)


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