A check-in with your mood and your life gives you a chance to 
reaffirm your essence in an age when it’s easy to get lost.

I read that this morning, an hour after I walked into work, from a blog post at HelloGiggles. I know I don't really spend a lot of time on the internet, unless I'm at work, but I want to try to do something different this weekend to try to focus more on my mood. Normally, Sundays are my days for blasting music in my living room and doing a mad cleaning job then some crafting. I want take a day out of the craft room.
Tomorrow I want to go thrifting by myself to thrift stores I don't normally go to, take Ty to the dog beach, sit outside (or in the coffee shop if it's too crappy out- of course no devices) with a notebook and a pen just to write, sketch out photo ideas for my new products for Bird Trouble, and maybe.... maybe write down some finance planning for the next few months.

What are your plans for this weekend? Are you going out or recollecting yourself?


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