NEW Mini Collection : Vintage Waxed Oilcloth & Drawstring Bags!

Hello everyone! I'm very excited for today. I'm updating the shop (as I'm making this blog post) and introducing an early fall mini collection.

NEW Early Fall Mini Collection featuring:
 VINTAGE WAXED OILCLOTH: six bags (two not pictured) of vintage waxed oilcloth ( was a tablecloth!) bags. There are two of each that are similar to each other, but not exactly the same- so they are one of a kind! The large and medium bags can be worn FOUR different ways.

DRAWSTRING BAGS: two bags (as of right now) of casual bags with a drawstring closure that feature a retro peach vintage polyester, a vintage lace ( was a blanket!), and repurposed leather.

These are super, super limited and they should all be in the shop within the next 30 minutes!