Happy .unprepared. Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday and I unfortunately feel a bit unprepared. I did find a photo inspiration and I have the articles in my mind, now lets see how I can pull it off. I'm driving to my parents house tonight with a friend so we can find some catholic jewelry. Tomorrow, a co-worker of mine is having a HAUNTED HALLOWEEN PARTY. I'm so excited for drinks and scares! Ha! 

Found her in Lookbooks Halloween Contest. She's Wednesday Addams but I'm going to put a twist on it. I'll report back to how bad I failed at it, or kick assed at it. ha.

Who or what are you being for Halloween? What's your plans?


  1. I was going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I even bought the costume...then I realized m hair is too short for braids. Good thing I only paid around $4 for it at a thrift store!

  2. Can't wait to see your costume! I just dressed up in Hubby's gear as a fisherman. This year went too fast for me...