NEW Blanket Pouches!

I decided to make some zipper pouches from the last of the scrap on the second blanket.
I think they turned out pretty darn cute! There's only 4 right now. Two small, two big, yadda yadda. I've been sewing, munching on food, and watching That 70's Show since 10:30am. It's 8:30pm! *going crazy*

Check out the pouches in the shop here.

I'm still working on the second collection of blanket bags (which I mind you, are looking awesome). They're actually come along really fast. I went a little faster with the studding and the leather sewing, which saved a lot of time and also the amounts of mochas and coffees I've had in the past few days. I've also had way too many ham and cheese sub sandwiches. 

I should be moving into my new apartment this Monday! I'm super excited.
This weekend is just going to be cleaning and slight packing.
Anyone have any big plans for this weekend?


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  1. LOVE THESE! I want! When i saw the photos in Google Reader, they reminded me of Red Velvet.