Replay :: Outfit Snippets

Replay :: Outfits Snippets
Hey readers! While I'm busy sewing, I'm filling up the blog posts with some entertaining things. I know everyone loves an outfit post. I, unfortunately, only have my iPhone and the random disposable cameras I've purchased in the past few days since my snap&shoot mysteriously broke. Either way, enjoy!

I found this great blue and white stripped button up shirt at a garage sale. I'm pretty sure it's a maternity shirt because the arm holes are so much smaller (I have pretty thin arms), and the stomach darts out. I love it though. The bag is my own Bird Trouble painted clutch... which is a small collection I've been slowly working at. I should get at that *dink*.

A nice breezy shirt I made from two, basically see-through, fabrics. One is the turqoise and one is a white... I wear a bandau underneath it. I love the shade of it. The belt was given to me by a long-time friend and I have it attached to my favorite-of-all-time leather belt.

My Betsy Johnson socks that I've had for 2 years and have only worn, maybe, three times? haha. The shoes are these leather boots I bought at Carlos and Sarah's Surplus of Options. They're great boots but I haven't had time to wear out the leather yet, so they were kind of hurtin'.

It's been shockingly great weather in Chicago so I've been trying to pair fall-type of clothes with breathable pieces too. Literally, it was 80 degrees the other day, but there was a great breeze... and today it might be in the 70's, not as sunny but I had the windows down the whole way to work.
I remember the past few Halloweens being super cold. Maybe it'll be super nice this year?!


ps. I won a pair of customized sunglasses from Tumbleweed Oddities's giveaway at their blog! I'm excited to own a pair! I've been kind of obsessed with them since I heard about them, and I tell random clients about them. I've been sketching random ideas down. :)

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  1. Aww! Those socks are awesome! Hope you have some more lovely weather today. The east coast is feeling rather mild too, so hopefully I won't have to wear a coat over my halloween costume either ;)