Coming Soon - Navajo Bags

This is how I'm enjoying my Monday off work: sewing all day, listening to a few good tunes that I've recently been told about, and drinking lots of coffee. I guess I have to leave the house for a little bit so I'm going to the fabric store, stopping at a friends house (who so nicely made my vintage cruiser into a single speed good working bicycle! yay!), and taking Ty to my nice secret spot.

I've already received a great amount of excitement and compliments for these navajo bags. I'm so, so, so excited to know how many people loved the one I put on Instagram. I wanted to thank everyone for the support and the push to get a bunch of these made. **Internet hug**. I've already promised a few IG friends that I'll save them one. Since these are made from vintage weaved blankets, I've been able to cut out only 5 bags for the first blanket, and I have 3 blankets (each a different variation of colors). One bag, each blanket, will have the center blast design that was weaved into it. Those will be extra special, haha.

The original bag has dark leather but those were the remaining large pieces from the leather jacket I snatched it from. The other bags will randomly have 3 different colored leather: a buttery chestnut, golden brown, and a yellow.

I've post-poned some other bags I had been making, but I'll finish them later. If you want to follow the process of the next few bags, either follow me on either Twitter or Instagram: @BirdTrouble 


PS. The blog has a whole new look! Take a look. :)


  1. i adore the new look of the blog! great job! and those bags are to die for! ohhhh i want one! love it all!

  2. OOOH! I am so excited to see the finished product!

  3. Ahhh! That bag is just pure magic.