A Thifted Handmade Dress :: Favorites

Let me introduce you to 
one of my FAVORITE dresses OF ALL TIME. 

I found this dress some time last year. You might recognize it from being in my main blog photo for a while.
I thrifted it at a dinky little thrift store off Chicago Ave. for only $6.00. It's made from a real thick heavy canvas (I almost feel potato shacky in it!) but the details of the cut outs are amazing. I had to take in the darts a little, and it wouldn't hurt to take it in a little more, but I'm comfortable in it right now. Not too baggy, not too tight! I think it's handmade because there are no tags on it, and the seams on it seem to look a little off. But I love that it has a little but of issues, it makes it even more special to me.
The little rose floral belt was found at the Pilsen Vintage bazaar last winter.

What is your favorite thrifted dress? 
How much did you spend on it and did you have to alter it in any way?



  1. well, you look perfect in it...head to toe!!

  2. My favorite thrifted dress is one I picked up about two years ago at a Value Village. I snagged it for Halloween (I was going as Betty Draper) and had my grandmother hem it (which ended up being crooked but I like that it has some issues too.) It is turquoise blue, knee length a-line with a fitted torso and sweetheart neckline. It also needs new buttons and I'm pretty sure by the tag that it is from the right era. 1960ish and I love it!

  3. can totally understand it's ur favo- it's gorgeous , and it's retro yellow!!!! <3