Black Monday

Black Monday.
Chicago weather is extremely tolerable today, unlike the last few windy days. I'd like to thank NMM for lending me her black coat, because now I need one of my own. I've been extremely productive yesterday and this morning, so I'm taking a break and going to the thrift stores in my neighborhood. I've added four new pouches in the shop today. I'm pretty sure I was having crazy dreams about them, but this morning's 8:30am mini photo shoot was almost too perfect. Especially because Ty ran at full force and fell on his face from one cement level to the next.

he's nuts. Happy Monday!

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  1. Agreed. The weather is super nice today. I love when it's all rainy like this.

    By the way, when are we hanging out? And, are we still doing a trade? I could always paint you and the lovely Ty. :)