DIY :: Business cards from vintage coasters.

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to show you these business cards and hang tags I made. Trying to sell yourself as an artist and a small business, you have to have business cards! I change mine up every time I run out. I'm pretty sure that they'll never be the same, and even though branding is important, I think it's also important to grab someones eye and get them talkin'. It's neat because everyone gets to see little glimpe of what you can make if you make your own business cards. I'm not just sewing these bags, I'm also slaying over every other part: like making business cards, and trying to build myself.

I found these vintage beer coasters in this old candy box in the dirty, quite disgusting, estate sale a few months ago. I've had them laying around until something inspired me to make them into business cards. Each one is different, and since I love to doodle and I love script, I decided to include both in almost each one. I think it really says something about what I want myself & Bird Trouble to be, vintage inspired, sustainable, and ever-growing.

   Show me your business cards, handmade or not!