Welcome December :: new craft room renovations!

Finally, December is here! Good riddance November. I'm probably speaking too soon, because as soon as the bad snow hits, I'm going to beg for November... or at least March. I did some slight rearranging in my craft room, again. When I moved in, the previous dude who lived here left this platform and he painted it this weird muted blue-gray. It matched the cement too much. I needed more of a contrast and a different feel.

Originally, I had it as it was probably made to be as, a platform, and my move-able rack (love it because I don't have a closet!!) was on top of it. I moved the rack to the side where my bed is, and I flipped the platform to lean against the wall backward. I took some nails, and nailed them into it, and proceeded to hang some of my bags. It actually got me all giddy, because I sort of felt like I was selling up a store front. I still need to fill it, paint it, and play around with it, but I do like it's new home. 

   How often do you rearrange your space?   


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  1. my goodness, how badly do i want to own one of those bags? they are to die for and you...you are a talent.

    also, i don't change my space too often...maybe i should, freshen it up a little. it's pretty teeny in my office/closet room but even just switching sides, changing it around a little might help, thanks!