Farewell my favorite :: New looks

I'm pretty stoked to be sending Sally Ann this blanket bag today. I have to admit, it's my favorite one as of yet. I think it's because I really like going nuts with the studs... and this one has been affected by this habit of mine the most. Other than that, the colors are most vibrant and I really, really, really like the blending. Sally actually requested a sturdy base bottom through instagram, and I experimented a bit and decided to add a cardboard base.
Now it stands!

It's so fancy. So fancy.

So yes, there is my excitement on sending this to Sally. I'm also going to sneak in a few surprises. Almost a month ago, she sent me two medium sized priority mail boxes FULL of vintage zippers, wooden handles ( I have been having the MOST fun with these ), lovely fabric ( remember these pouches? Thanks to Sally ), and a bunch of bag hardware. Metal hardware. A lot of it is BRASS. It was so rad because it was right when I moved into this new apartment, when a lot of my stuff was still in the suburbs, so she pretty much saved the feature premier of the second bag collection.
Oh yeah, Sally's a sweetheart for sure. You should check out her crafty blog and all the lovely things she makes.

I worked on my online shop for a little today too. I've been changing so many things around me, including the furniture and walls of my apartment. I am definitely in one of those weeks where I need a refreshin'. Re-freakin'-freshin'.

I really like the new banner. It was taken at this bar in Lakeview, and instead of being busy drinking, I was being busy admiring the Christmas lights. Typical Friday night.

Adios! Time for me to explore the misty Chicago day.

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