The thought of a side project

Happy Sunday. I was planning on going celebrate a friend's birthday last night, but ended up taking a 10:30pm nap, and not waking up until 3am. Where then I proceeded to catch up on the newest season of Dexter (H. S.) until 5am. Then sleeping until noon today. I guess my body was really begging for some sleep?

My side project for this week, even though
it's a small one, is to replicate an idea like this:

But using the vest that I studded, stenciled, and sewed in high school.

This guy was on my back for almost 2 years straight. There's some sentimental value to it
but really not much. It sits under all my clothes, but I'll never wear it again. Unless I wear it for a special event, for humor, but I just don't want to throw it out. I might not use only plants.... I was thinking of things, like christmas lights... and maybe small little dinosaurs. We'll see how I'm feeling.

Has anyone else changed the something that they've had for years, into something different?

Until next time!

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