The Second Collection :: Navajo Bags

I finished the second collection of the vintage wool Navajo blankets. This was made given the materials by the 2nd out of 3 blankets that I found at a garage sale. The original owner was a traveler. She collected these blankets from her travels, thrift stores, and garage sales she went to over years. There were other styles, that I regret not buying today. I even drove to her house to see if she had any left.... and none.

There should be 5 out of each blanket, but you'll notice only 4 here. The last one may be kept by myself, because I should be able to give myself something fancy once in a while, or I'll end up making it and putting it in the shop late.

These will be available to purchase at
some point tomorrow, Nov. 19th, on my online shop.

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Today, I found a wool skirt that has weaved stripes. You might see that turn into something pretty soon. I'm pretty excited for any future ideas that I sketch out. I found corkwall insulation, from what looks like the 60's, at the Brown Elephant Thrift Store in Andersonville. It was $5 and I got 4 panels that I stuck onto my wall with a good adhesive, and started already pinning junk to it... such as lace, studs, squirrel tails, clay puppy faces, pictures of cat owners... and you know, the usual. 



  1. wowee!! these bags are SOOO pretty!! great job with them!!

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL! Amongst all the other things I have to save for (boring things like school, rent, my cell phone, etc...) i will save for something form your shop and it will be exciting!