& Then there was ONE :: Navajo Bags

I've been so blown away by the responses and the quick purchases made from the first navajo blanket collection. I also realized that I never made a blog post when they were actually available to purchase... but that's how fast they went! Thank you to everyone and my kind customers for making my little bag dream come true. 

There is one more bag left from the first collection. It was originally a custom design and held on reserve, but 
now that the reserve fell through, it's available for anyone. The original bags are not said to be messenger style, unless you are shorter and can wear it with comfort. The last bag standing is one that was custom made specifically for a messenger style! The straps are not only longer, but wider so it sits comfortable!

So here it is ::: THE LAST NAVAJO
[bag. hehe] 

Buy it from the shop: HERE.
Follow the progress of the Navajo bags HERE.

Buy before November 13, 2011 &
be the FIRST to receive a FREE fleece Southwest Cup Sleeve!
I love this little guy! These cup sleeves are super limited. Made from repurposed fleece, not only will you be eco-friendly, but your hands love the feel of it. Take it off the cup and wear it as a wrist cuff too!

As always, feel free to email me at birdtroublefashion[at]yahoo[dot]com. with any questions about orderings or a custom order. Or just say to me! I love emails!



  1. that cup holder is too cute!!