Tapestry Clutches :: Cyber Sunday Reminder

Just in time for the sale weekend, four new tapestry clutches in various sizes
are now available for purchase in the shop. I fell in love with this
textile at the thrift store. It was separated in two plastic bags, so basically hidden, but my hawk like
thrifting reflexes caught them and took them home.

I laid it in my bed with it for a day before I proceeded to cut it up. It's just the process I go through with everything I get.. I want to be able to own it for a little bit. 
I love the process of finding something I love, and waiting for an idea to come while I watch That 70s Show (how many times have I mentioned I am obsessed with that show? it's sickening),
walk to the drafting table, and just go for it. PROOF :

Also,don't forget to take advantage of the weekend sale!
Bird Trouble
Black Friday to Cyber Sunday sale: 15% off the whole shop. 
Support artists, buy handmade for yourself, or spoil a friend!

Here are some of my favorite artists or small businesses with Black Friday deals to check out.
The Paraders.Rachel's vintage clothing selection is one of my favorite!! I used to live with
her boyfriend, so it was kind of meant to be. Myself and my old roommate helped her out with a Paraders photo shoot. It was such a blast and I kept freaking out about every single item. 
Steven Beckly's art photography.I just stumbled across his site and absolutely love his style.
Black Sheep by Velvet Leaf.Some more sweet vintage clothing.
Promo Pocket
An art and illustration shop I just recently came across & love as well!



  1. Ummmmmmm...I thought I could not want anything more than I wanted one of your messenger bags made from blankets,.......but now I've seen these!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I want a tattoo of Red Forman that says "MY FOOT/ YOUR ASS" in a banner. It is my dream tattoo.